Food Safety

Recently, I heard in China, especially in Shanghai, the bird flu outbreak. Now, almost everyone don’t dare to eat any chicken, duck these kinds of food. Actually, the safety issues of food industry also widely exist in China. These issues are varying from rice, eggs, milk, liquor and other types of food which with different degrees of safety hazards.

Food safety accidents in China are no longer a problem in some regions but throughout the country.  Food security incidents have occurred from time to time, so the severity of food safety incidents is very evident. The government of China has attached great importance to the issues of the food safety. What’s the most important, the Chinese government advocates that, the development of enterprises should be built on the platform of integrity and ethics, this kind of development is harmonious, healthy, and responsible to the people. Not only the enterprises, but also all the workers engaged in the food industry should have a strong sense of morality. Meanwhile, the government should constantly improve the integrity of the food safety legal system, and make sure the implementation of various systems.

With the improvement of living standards and the pace of globalization accelerates, the food supply channels have been showing a trend of socialization, which is changing from self-sufficiency to the mass production. As a consequence, the security of the food production will be related to the growing number of people, and any food safety incident can cause a wide range of effects and consequences.

We have the ability to change it and we should take some actions. We could choose organic food, and buy productions from the companies which respect their workers and treat animals friendly. These are all little things we can do to make the change every day. I believe that with the efforts of all the people, enterprises and the government, everything will go well in the future.

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Group Project in MBA Program

Regarding my UNR study life, it seems already close to the end. Now it’s time to do different kinds of big group projects together with other team members. This is also my last semester of MBA study, after come back to Shanghai, finish my thesis, then I can graduate.

Today, I would like to talk about the group project which I feel really a good exercise. Through this kind of team work, it’s really like the real working condition. You will meet different kinds of team members which comes from different industries, different functional departments. They will bring different perspectives when doing the projects. This will be a very good chance for me to study from others.

Of course, in this kind of temporary group, it’s very important to motivate every team members’ effort for the project. Sometimes, you will meet this kind of person who think he or she could do less due to this is the team’s homework, not his individual’s. This kind of phenomenon will influence the whole team’s effectiveness. As a team member, you have to control and avoid such things happening.

Sometimes, you will meet this kind of team members who has some certain talents, like making presentation, writing articles or making negotiation. The team should give them the chance to utilize their strength which will also do good to the whole team.

During MBA study, I think group project is a very good practice, everyone should cherish this oppotunities to learn something. If you have the interest in this topic, please leave a comment. Thanks!


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Earthquake in China

Just heard the horrible news during the weekends, a 7.0 earthquake hit Ya’an, Sichuan province in the morning on 22th of April based on Beijing time. This city is with 1.5 million population which is very close to Chengdu. So far, the earthquake in Ya’an has already claimed 186 persons’ lives and several thousands persons get injured. Rescue workers are on location and the entire nation is praying for the people of Ya’an.

I still remember that in 2008, a 7.8 earthquake also hit Sichuan province. This time, the people on that land have to undertake the suffering again. Heard one story that there is one mother, she lost her 23-year-old son in the earthquake 5 years ago. Unfortunately, her 17-year-old daughter got seriously injured this time. I even cannot imagine if this disaster happen to me, what can I do. These suffering persons have to choose stay strong.

Now on different kinds of social media platforms in China, everywhere you can see something regarding the earthquake. The people who is standing the suffering sent SMS via mobile or other devices, saying I’m still safe or I need rescue, my location is…… Other people will sent information out, like if you know whose information, please reply to me. The social media platform is really helpful and supportive at this special period.

Let’s pray for the safety of those persons who are in the disaster area. I hope all of the people who experienced disaster are fine. No one can stop or prevent these kind of things from happening. If it really happened, we have to stay strong to face it.

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Homework Assignments of Personal Branding Course

Today afternoon, just during the discussion with my classmates, they told me that the four courses I choose in this semester are the courses with the most homework in UNR MBA program. Now I know why I am so busy with different kinds of homework assignments, presentation, video and endless paperwork.

Among these four courses, there is one called personal branding, the main content is to let students write blogs to set up personal brand. After spring break, the professor require us to write three blogs each week. Due to too much other homework assignments, three blogs each week really means a lot for me. But over time, I found writing blogs is a little bit interesting, you can express your own thoughts via this way. Even though I have not too much readers, but to myself, the blog is one kind of memory which could record what has happened to me and how was my thinking at that time.

Last week, I just finished one video which is also be required for this course. This is my first time to make a video by myself. During the process, I found actually it was very interesting, you should mix your speech, picture and background music together and try your best to merge them smoothly. Though the first video is not perfect, but I still like it very much!

If I didn’t choose this course, I think maybe I will have no chance to write blogs and make video in my life and I will never know I can do that. Therefore I feel everyone should keep interest to try new things in your life, maybe it will open another colorful world for you.

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The Disabled in U.S. Society

Last week, I bought one laptop in UNR Wolf Shop. During the whole purchase process, one thing left me very deep impression. The store employee who helped me to finish the purchase was a blind person. There were lot of procedures he had to finish by computer. He could not see the screen, so he always asked me what was appearing on the screen. Then during my help, he finished the whole process efficiently. The discussion with him also let me feel he was very active and professional. I couldn’t help admiring him. If I am in the same situation like him, maybe I cannot do well like him.

During the vacation in Las Vegas, sometimes I will take the shuttle bus back to hotel. I observed that the hotel shuttle bus has the design which could let the wheel chair which is for the disabled to get on the bus easily. Think about that, how many disabled person will become the hotel’s customer, the answer should be a small portion. But they will prepare a shuttle bus especially for this kind of special customers. This is really good.

Studying in UNR, I also observed some disabled students enjoying the study life very actively. One girl with her right hand disabled, but she still choose a dancing class, do the same things like other students. Some disabled students sitting on the wheel chair come alone to the university.

In U.S., almost everywhere, you can see the buildings which are designed for the convenience of both normal person and the disabled. I really like this point and I think this could reflect the civilization extent of one country.

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Marriage Issue

When I was a child, in my impression, the people in east countries, like China, will be more traditional. While in west countries, like U.S. will be more open. When the people deal with different issues, including marriage, they will have totally different attitudes.

Before I came to U.S., I have seen one U.S. TV series: Desperate Housewife. I like the TV series very much, because it let me know further about the U.S. citizen’s daily life and people’s value. Then I found that human beings in different countries will have similar value and attitude in terms of some issues. In my eyes, U.S. peoples’ value of marriage is a little bit traditional compared with some other west countries which is out of my expectation. For example, U. S. people treat marriage holy, they prefer enjoying marriage life than freedom single life.

As I know, in some Europe countries, like Germany, the marriage rate is very low. One man and one woman live together for several years as partner, but they don’t want to get married. Even when the woman has the child, the guy will be responsible for fostering the child, but he still will not get married with the child’s mother. This is a prevalent way in Germany. They will not feel the pressure from their relatives, their friends and the society.

Recently, I have the discussion with some U.S. friends. They told me that in west coasts of U. S., like Reno, young people will get married at very early age, like 25 or 26 years old. If one lady will not get married until 30 years old, she will feel the pressure from the society. This is really out of my expectation, because of  similar situation in China, just in some big cities, like Shanghai, the average marriage age will be a little bit late, like 28 years old, but if you don’t get married and don’t have the child, you will still feel the pressure from the society.

In my eyes, human beings in different countries actually have common values on a lot of things, but the culture will have big difference.

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Education System’s Difference

Today, I just heard one news that one Chinese parent bought one department, $6.5 million, in Manhattan for her 2 year’s old child. Because she hopes one day her child can come to New York to study. Therefore, she invested this house now for the future’s preparation.

Actually now you will find more and more Chinese parents who has sent or plan to send their child to overseas’ schools for study and the first choice is U.S.. Because we have to admit that in worldwide, now U.S. education system is the best. Twenty years ago, Chinese people came to U.S. for master or doctor degrees, but now the age trend is younger and younger, starts from primary school, junior school, high school, bachelor, master and doctor. One reason is that the living standard of Chinese citizens is much better than before, more parents have the money to invest in their children to go abroad to widen their children’ horizon. But on the other hand, it reflects that the Chinese parents don’t like and trust Chinese education system compared with U.S. education system.

Why? The most important reason is that now in China, the competition of study is too fierce. Even from primary school, the children have to learn a lot of courses in order to enter into a good junior and high schools, then in the future you have the chance to enter into a good college and you can have a good work. The competition is too strong which leads to the children almost have no time to play and relax from 6 years old. But once you enter into college, then the education environment is a little bit loose. A lot of students start to set aside more time to play than to study. This is really not good.

But the U.S. education system is opposite. The education environment is loose when the children start to study in primary school, then step by step, you have more and more pressure. If you study master and doctor degree in U.S., that will be very strict, full of challenges. This is really good compared with Chinese education system.

Though the Chinese society always propose education reform, and some new policies are under conducting. But the effect is really not obvious. The students have to study very very hard to deal with different kinds of exams. Sometimes, I really feel a lot of time has been wasted, but I have no choice. China has so big population now, except exams, it’s really difficult to find another fair selection procedure to choose talented children. We are in the prisoner’s dilemma.

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Book stack

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