Dominant Government?

Have already stayed in US for two months, sometimes I will have some discussion with my American friends. When talking about Chinese government, they always have very strong feeling that Chinese government is very dominant. No freedom speech, public medias have been controlled by the government which let all my American friends feel not good. I think if you are looking through my blog now, you have the same feeling, right?

As a Chinese, I have lived in China for 29 years, my feeling to this question is yes, also no. Of course, compared with US, it’s really big difference. For example, I have seen one US movie “Air Force One” several years ago. In the movie story, the president of US saying” I will protect my wife and family first regardless of others, including my country” such kind of value is impossible to appear in a Chinese movie. In US movies, the story can talk something negative to the country, but it seems impossible in China.

This is true. I don’t want to say this is correct or not. What I would like to comment is that the two country’s background are very different. Chinese has so many nations, hundreds of languages,  4 times population of US’s, 5 thousand years of history, all of these factors make Chinese  background very complicated. The most important thing is that the current average education level of Chinese residents is still not high. Under freedom of speech, we don’t know what will happen. Because a large portion of residents don’t have a matured judgement yet which can be utilized by others. That’s dangerous for a country. I think country’s growth is still the most important thing.

Just like one organization, if all team members are freshman, we need a powerful leader who can integrate all the resources and lead all the members in one correct direction. But until all fresh members are grown up and experienced, maybe a powerful leader is not proper. What the organization need now is more space to let all team members to devote themselves and collaborate with each other. Do you think this is a more efficient way?

In China, there is one similar social media platform like Facebook, we call it Weibo. Actually Chinese people will express their opinions about the government, policies, and the nation on this platform. Sometimes, a lot of protest voice on it. Actually, in terms of freedom of speech, some thing has changed gradually in China. Chinese people also changed, more and more willing to share their opinion through social media platforms.

I think with the improvement of average education level of Chinese people, more and more freedom of speech will appear in China. We just wait for the ripe time.

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