Public Trust

In US, I have tried several times to purchase stuffs on Internet. Sometimes when the courier come, nobody at home, they will just put the package in front of the door. In china, I think this kind of behavior will for sure get customers’ complaint due to the risk of losing the stuffs. Actually no one will do in this way in China, but in US it seems very normal.

What this means? The public trust is much stronger in US than in China. Even though no one see it, almost no one will take your stuff away. Of course, in some areas of US, the safety security is much poorer than in China. But I mean the general phenomenon. When I study in US library, in most cases, when the student go out for a moment, they just put all stuffs on desk. In China, no one will do that which is almost a common sense.

Before coming to US,  I heard that in terms of applying credit card system, especially security process is different in US and China. In US, the process is very simple, no complicated security investigation. They will assume everyone with good credit. But as long as you are illegal once, you will have a lot of problems, because they will not trust you. But in China, before you successfully get the credit card, the security process is very complicated. As long as you successfully get it , subsequent monitor is in-compact. In China, huge cost from bank system have been spent in public trust.

What’s supporting this kind of public trust in US, I think it’s higher civilization of the country, higher quality of the residents of the country. This kind of software can not be built up after one night. The only way for a country to improve this is to enhance the education of the whole nation.

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