Post-80s, have you perceived the career glass ceiling?

When I was working in Shanghai, I found one phenomenon that the career promotion space for younger employees is smaller and smaller. Why?  The answer is very simple, almost all the  high positions have been occupied by post-50s, 60s and 70s.

What it means? Ten or twenty years ago, a lot of new companies have been set up in China which created many new positions. If one employee has good education background and strong ability, he or she can get promotion quickly. Maybe after five or six years, he or she can start take on managerial role. In addition, he can be promoted as a general manager or a director this kind of high level management as long as you have the potential.

But now, a large amount of post-80s with good background with education and capabilities can not go forward due to limited position space. Like in my company, they divided each managerial level into two levels in recent years and every level you have to stay for more than two years, then you can get promotion. Ten years ago, if you would like to reach a senior manager level, maybe need to cost you 10 years. But now, it seems at least 14 years.

People always think that you cannot reach higher levels is because you still have a lot of space need to be improved. But sometimes this is not true, you can learn and develop yourself when you are in that position. You experience it and then you get improved.

Therefore, for our post-80s, what we are facing is the limited promotion space and career development glass ceiling. Behind that, what we are losing is huge amounts of chance to improve our capabilities further.

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