Organization Change

Last night, I received one email from Shanghai which was send by our Vice President  Business Management of Great China ED Business Unit. Due to my company’s new organizational change in Great China, he has decided to leave the company. Though have been worked for eight years, experienced a lot of changes, people’s leaving, I still feel a little bit shock by such a sudden change in high level management. Personally, I also feel a little bit sentimental mainly because I am not in Shanghai office now, I cannot say goodbye and thank you for the support by face to face to the leaving person.

Now, I am taking one class regarding organization change. I know there are many external and internal reasons which need the organization change efficiently at the proper time if the company would like to survive in long-term. In the case of my company, BASF announced the acquisition of Ciba in Sep of 2008, such a revolutionary organization change happened in our ED business unit. At that time, our BU in Asia Pacific-regional level is still controlled by original BASF management. But in Great China, the highest top management is this VP who actually comes from legacy Ciba. Therefore, during subsequent integration process, almost different functional department’s leader came from Ciba. The culture and working style in our BU also shifted a lot.

Maybe this was what BASF wanted at that time, though this kind of merging to strengthen our BU’s competitive advantage in the market, because Ciba is also a strong company in fine chemical world. But maybe this was not what BASF wanted, due to some political reasons we have to tradeoff to pass the power of Great China to the acquired company’s staff. Anyway, during these four years after acquisition, we two company’s staffs work together in China, we together experienced the year with good business performance and also poor. At lease, we have reached harmonious cooperation at implementation level.

Now it seems after four years, the high management would like to strengthen the Asia Pacific organization, put another three senior VPs take responsible for Chinese business. Great China seems come back to origin BASF management’s control again. That VP’s leaving is just one part of the organization change.

Maybe leaving the company under such kind of situation seems a little bit losing face. But I feel as long as the person himself feels comfortable with his decision, it’s OK. New starting point and new choice maybe bring a better career and life. In big movement, every single person is very tiny, too much things will be out of your control. Whatever it’s good to you or bad to you, I think just accept it unperturbedly. This is the life.

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My name is Hexin Li – welcome to my page! I’m a traditional Chinese girl. In my free time, I like dance, reading fiction, travelling, puzzling & cross knit. I’m very proud of my performance of puzzling & cross knitting which I would like to show you in the photo post area of face book. Now I work in the biggest global chemical company – BASF and I have already been one BASF employee more than eight years, four and half years for technical service, the rest years for R&D. I love my work, my company very much. Therefore, I plunge into my work with immense zeal. Meanwhile, I am study MBA in Shanghai Fudan University now in order to improve myself further to face the challenge in the future. The department I worked in is called dispersion and pigment which could be applied in many different industries, ex. Decorative Coating, Construction, Adhesive, wood coating,3C coating and so on. So if one day when you would like to decorate your house, any question regarding coating and others, please feel free to contact me. If you find something on my site that resonates with you and you want to learn more about how I might be able to help with what you are doing, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks once again for stopping by!
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