Different Young Generation Social Problem

Last weekend, during one party, I have the chance to have some discussions with one pari of U.S. couple. This couple is about 50 years old, belongs to middle class in the U.S. society. We talked about a lot of issues, at the end, both of us showed great interest on the society problem of the young generation. There is some difference and some similarities between U.S. and China.

What’s the problem upsets this couple? In U.S. and some Europe countries, government offers local residents with very high welfare. How high? Even if you have no job, you still could rely on the relief money from government to live in this the society. At least, you still have the money to buy food. And if you have more children, you can get more money. Now, there are a lot of young boys and girls, even less than 20 years old, they have baby already, but without get married. They are still children, how to culture the small baby? The worst situation is that the young parents they have no ability to raise the baby, just let baby’s grandfather and grandmother to bring up baby. They still do whatever they like, don’t take up parents’ responsibility, don’t work hard to earn money. If this kind of group become bigger and bigger, how can the government afford these spendings. Government’s money mainly comes from the tax, it’s really a little bit unfair for the people who are working hard to turn over some part of money for the people have nothing to do.

What’s the different and similar younger generation’s problem happens in China? With the development of Chinese residents’ life quality and the increase of income, more and more post-80s and post-90s’ parents have good income or retirement pay. Even though the children don’t have job or don’t have good job, they also can have a decent life rely on their parents. If this kind of phenomenon more and more popular, when the parents’ generation get old, how can the next generation take over the responsibility? If no talented people, how the society and the country continue its growth?

It seems different countries always has its own problems based on different background. We all know that young generation is the future of the country. The countries’ competition in the future depends on the talented and high quality human resource.

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