Service Experience During Traveling in U.S.

During the spring break, I arranged the traveling to east coast of U.S. There is one stop I stayed in Washington for three days. I have to say the service of U.S. AirTran Airways and Radisson hotel caused some troubles to me and decreased my traveling quality largely.

I would like to start talking the Airtrans Flight from Charlotte to Washington. When I was at the departure boarding gate, at the last five minutes, the Airtrans staff told me that due to limited room for carriage baggages, one of my baggage should be checked in now. I left one heavy baggage with all my essential stuffs to the staff. I arrived Washington D.C. airport at 11:50 PM, but my baggage didn’t appear. The Baggage Service staff told me that it would maybe arrive next flight, then you have to make the preparation to wait for one or two days. I really cannot accept this due to very big inconvenience caused to me. If they have told me the baggage maybe cannot arrive together with me, I would definitely choose to leave one light bag, but not with my essential stuffs.

The second day morning, I received the call from Airtrans that they will send me the baggage to my Radisson hotel lobby at around 4~6 PM today. I had to start my first day’s traveling without fully prepared, but I’m thinking that as long as I still can get my baggage, it’s fine with me. When I come back hotel lobby again at midnight, I checked with the front desk. The male staff told me that if the baggage arrive the hotel, it will be sent to your room. But if you don’t see it in your room, it for sure hasn’t arrived the hotel. Yes, nothing in my room. Though I asked him to help recheck the hotel storage room and computer record, he just told me no any record with my baggage. I had to be without all my cosmetics, clothes and food on the second day again and I was so depressed.

After I came back hotel room, I would like to call the Airtrans customer service. I found the phone number the baggage service staff left me is not efficient to check the status of my baggage. When one customer service staff wanted to offer me one phone number, she spent1.5 minutes to find the phone number. The efficiency was so low, no any result came out. Due to my leaving Washington on the fourth day morning, I had to get it back on the third day. I planed to get up very early 6:00AM to go to the airport baggage service first before my third day’s original agenda.

On the third day morning, when I arrived hotel lobby at 6: 40 AM and waited for the shuttle bus to the airport, I checked with another front desk staff again whether yesterday any blue baggage arrived hotel? I just want to try again. The answer was ” I think so”. Then the lady came to storage room and took out my baggage with saying “it arrived yesterday afternoon”. Oh my god!  Yesterday the male staff told me every baggage sent to hotel will be recorded in the computer and directly sent to guest’s room. When I asked him could you check the storage room, he said no baggage in it. It seems that there is someone who didn’t according to the hotel rules to record my baggage into computer and the male staff replied me without checking the storage room. The service quality in this Radisson hotel really has some problems.

Though this baggage issue, I contacted different functional service regarding the baggage. But I have to say I feel a little bit disappointed with the low efficiency service during almost every phase of the whole process.  The service section contributes a very large portion for U.S. GDP, but the service quality seems a little bit lacking competitiveness. Hope this is only a special case.

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