After A Power Failure

Today after a whole day class, 5:30PM,I arrived my apartment, found that there was no electricity. I asked my roommates, two girls from Beijing, they just told me that the electricity suddenly stopped at 4:56 PM. All of us waited until 6:00PM, then we thought we have to do something. Outside seemed darker and darker, what could we do at night? Nothing could be seen, we could do nothing.

Two girls came out our apartment to see whether our neighbor had taken any actions to contact the maintenance company. After twenty minutes, they came back with a little bit disappointed. They told me that some of our neighbors were sleeping, some were doing other things. They didn’t contact any person, didn’t do anything, very calm. Out of our expectation, maybe this was the culture and habit here. Maybe they knew they could not do anything except waiting.

We three girls had to accept the fact that there was high possibility that tonight no electricity, we could not do anything. At that time, the sky hadn’t totally become dark, we finished eating some bread as supper as soon as possible.

Until 7:00 clock, outside and inside department were totally dark, we three were sitting in the living room, started talking. All of us found that though no electricity would cause a lot of inconvenience, but it was not the worst. The most important thing was that we could not use WiFi. Without WiFi, we could not do anything, could not contact with others on social media platforms, could not do homework, could not search entertainment programme on Internet which made us feel so depressed. It seemed that the computer, IPad and  IPhone had lost their meaning.

Then we continued to chat about a lot of other topics, the chatting was full of fun. At around 11:00PM, suddenly the light in the living room was on. Electricity came back. That’s great. We finished chatting and came back to our own rooms, I started to write this blog, they two started to see some entertainment programme on Internet.

If electricity is always fine, there is no big possibility that we three girls sit together to talk totally 4 hours. Everyone is so busy with doing our own things. We should appreciate this small accident which offers us a chance to know each other further, to create some great memory of we three girls, a special experience in U.S.

I can’t help asking that the high technology-WiFi brings us a lot of convenience which also leads to that everyone seems totally occupied with it. This trend leads to indifferent human beings’ face to face communications.

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About Lihexin

My name is Hexin Li – welcome to my page! I’m a traditional Chinese girl. In my free time, I like dance, reading fiction, travelling, puzzling & cross knit. I’m very proud of my performance of puzzling & cross knitting which I would like to show you in the photo post area of face book. Now I work in the biggest global chemical company – BASF and I have already been one BASF employee more than eight years, four and half years for technical service, the rest years for R&D. I love my work, my company very much. Therefore, I plunge into my work with immense zeal. Meanwhile, I am study MBA in Shanghai Fudan University now in order to improve myself further to face the challenge in the future. The department I worked in is called dispersion and pigment which could be applied in many different industries, ex. Decorative Coating, Construction, Adhesive, wood coating,3C coating and so on. So if one day when you would like to decorate your house, any question regarding coating and others, please feel free to contact me. If you find something on my site that resonates with you and you want to learn more about how I might be able to help with what you are doing, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks once again for stopping by!
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