It’s time to not only focus on GDP

Yesterday I had one Managing Organizations in a Global Economy course, the class began with one case discussion: Microsoft opens the Gates: Patent, Piracy, and Political Challenges in China. Regarding this issue, I had given some comments during class. But now, I also would like to write down on the paper for more people to see.

First, as a Chinese, we have to admit that we don’t do very well on this issue. Most citizens of this nation don’t realize and treat this is a serious problem. Because the fake products are just existing in the market with a very cheap price compared to the real products. People just buy the cheaper one without considering this is one kind of Piracy behavior, especially in the eyes of western countries. In a short, this is one kind of consciousness problem. But now on a lot of Chinese public media and social media platforms, more and more people start to pay attention to these kinds of issues which just hasn’t formed the mainstream culture in the society.  It need time to get improved step by step.

In the past three decades, Chinese has been developing its economy with amazing speed. So quick,  something like education, the overall quality of the entire people of the nation, ethics and social responsibility of business haven’t developed so fast which can match with the high speed economic development. More and more social problems have come out during these high speed thirty years. But one nation with such a big population needs time to craft solutions and culture its citizens.

Just like forty year ago, the whole world treat Japan products are fake, low-quality, but now everyone in the world treat Japan products with high quality. For private small enterprises, they have to survive in the market first, then step by step, develop itself by improving product quality, design and service. Glad to see that more and more Chinese local enterprises would like to build the company brand in the long term, not just earn money.

One thing I have to mention that due to political movements happened in the whole China during 1966~1976,China lost the very important ten years to develop economy. What’s the most important thing is that that generation, now the main force in the society, occupying government and enterprises’ higher position, are with poor education background. Therefore, the quality maybe has some problems which has brought some social problems more or less, like corruption, poor ethics of business.

I think now it’s time for China to develop nation’s software, such as education, ethics, regulations in the next three decades, not only focus on GDP. With the higher average education background of our citizens, our country will become stronger and stronger. We just need time.

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