Education System’s Difference

Today, I just heard one news that one Chinese parent bought one department, $6.5 million, in Manhattan for her 2 year’s old child. Because she hopes one day her child can come to New York to study. Therefore, she invested this house now for the future’s preparation.

Actually now you will find more and more Chinese parents who has sent or plan to send their child to overseas’ schools for study and the first choice is U.S.. Because we have to admit that in worldwide, now U.S. education system is the best. Twenty years ago, Chinese people came to U.S. for master or doctor degrees, but now the age trend is younger and younger, starts from primary school, junior school, high school, bachelor, master and doctor. One reason is that the living standard of Chinese citizens is much better than before, more parents have the money to invest in their children to go abroad to widen their children’ horizon. But on the other hand, it reflects that the Chinese parents don’t like and trust Chinese education system compared with U.S. education system.

Why? The most important reason is that now in China, the competition of study is too fierce. Even from primary school, the children have to learn a lot of courses in order to enter into a good junior and high schools, then in the future you have the chance to enter into a good college and you can have a good work. The competition is too strong which leads to the children almost have no time to play and relax from 6 years old. But once you enter into college, then the education environment is a little bit loose. A lot of students start to set aside more time to play than to study. This is really not good.

But the U.S. education system is opposite. The education environment is loose when the children start to study in primary school, then step by step, you have more and more pressure. If you study master and doctor degree in U.S., that will be very strict, full of challenges. This is really good compared with Chinese education system.

Though the Chinese society always propose education reform, and some new policies are under conducting. But the effect is really not obvious. The students have to study very very hard to deal with different kinds of exams. Sometimes, I really feel a lot of time has been wasted, but I have no choice. China has so big population now, except exams, it’s really difficult to find another fair selection procedure to choose talented children. We are in the prisoner’s dilemma.

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