The Disabled in U.S. Society

Last week, I bought one laptop in UNR Wolf Shop. During the whole purchase process, one thing left me very deep impression. The store employee who helped me to finish the purchase was a blind person. There were lot of procedures he had to finish by computer. He could not see the screen, so he always asked me what was appearing on the screen. Then during my help, he finished the whole process efficiently. The discussion with him also let me feel he was very active and professional. I couldn’t help admiring him. If I am in the same situation like him, maybe I cannot do well like him.

During the vacation in Las Vegas, sometimes I will take the shuttle bus back to hotel. I observed that the hotel shuttle bus has the design which could let the wheel chair which is for the disabled to get on the bus easily. Think about that, how many disabled person will become the hotel’s customer, the answer should be a small portion. But they will prepare a shuttle bus especially for this kind of special customers. This is really good.

Studying in UNR, I also observed some disabled students enjoying the study life very actively. One girl with her right hand disabled, but she still choose a dancing class, do the same things like other students. Some disabled students sitting on the wheel chair come alone to the university.

In U.S., almost everywhere, you can see the buildings which are designed for the convenience of both normal person and the disabled. I really like this point and I think this could reflect the civilization extent of one country.

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